High Performance Snow & Ice Equipment

Make sure you are prepared for this winter with our high performance snow and ice equipment from Meyer & Hiniker

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Meyer Snow Equipment

Central Iowa Lawn & Home Care is your authorized Meyer Snow Equipment dealer. Meyer Snow Equipment provides you with snowplows and ice control equipment to keep you and your property safe through the brutal winter months. We have a plow that will fit just about any vehicle, both for on-road and off-road usage whether you are a contractor or a plow-it-yourself.

We also deal Meyer Snow Equipment parts and a provide full-service center for all of your maintenance and repair needs. Call us today at 515-233-9485 for all of your Meyer Snow Equipment needs.

Meyer Snow Equipment Models Include: 

On-Road & Off-Road Snow Plows

  • HomePlow for1/2-Ton and Light Pickups
    • For homeowners who need to plow long driveways and want to stay warm and dry inside their vehicle.
  • WingMan for 1/2 -Ton and Light Pickup Trucks
    • This commercial-grade plow is perfect for business owners, looking to self-manage snow removal in parking lots, roads and alleyways.
  • Super Blade for 3/4-Ton pickups and Larger
    • Introducing Meyer Super Blade, an automatically adjustable commercial-grade plow. It provides extra width at the touch of a button, so it’s perfect for plowing narrow areas and open lots.
  • Super-V3 for 3/4-Ton Pickups and Larger
    • A commercial-grade plow that offers total configuration command with independently controlled wings and brighter night plowing with standard LED lights. It also features industry-leading ground clearance.
  • The New Drive Pro for 1/2-Ton and Light Pickups, Utility Vehicles
    • This commercial-grade plow is perfect for clearing snow from tight spots like narrow driveways and alleys that larger trucks just can’t get to.
  • Lot Pro for 3/4-Ton Pickups and Larger, Utility Tractors
    • For contractors who have a lot of snow to clear, the Lot Pro™ features the tallest and most aggressive contractor-grade moldboard on the market.
  • Lot Pro LD for 1/2-Ton and Light Pickups
    • This commercial-grade plow is perfect for contractors with 1/2-ton trucks who need to plow large parking lots and streets.
  • Super-V3 LD for 1/2-Ton and Light Pickups
    • This bottom-trip commercial-grade plow, featuring LED lights and industry-leading ground clearance, is perfect for contractors with ½-ton trucks who need the flexibility of a V-plow.
  • Diamond Edge for 3/4-Ton Pickups and Larger
    • Perfect for contractor use. It features the tallest and most aggressive bottom-trip, contractor-class moldboard on the market.
  • Road Pro 32-Series for 9,300 – 26,000 lb. GVW Trucks
    • All moldboards are 32-inches-high and designed for municipalities and larger contractors. Great for clearing side streets, parking lots and cul-de-sacs.
  • Skid Steer Snow Plow for Skid Steer Vehicles and Compact Tractors
    • The din plate-style mount allows you to easily attach Meyer snow plows to leading brands of skid steers like Bobcat, CAT, John Deere, Gehl and more.
  • Power Box for Skid Steers and Wheel Loaders
    • With patented hydraulically controlled wings, this containment plow allows you to go from 5' to 8' or 8' to 12' (depending on model) or anywhere in between.

Meyer Snow Equipment Salt Spreaders - Central Iowa Lawn & Home Care has a full range of Meyer snow equipment salt spreaders and liquid de-icing equipment.

Available salt spreaders includes:

  • Walk-Behind Models
  • Tailgate Spreaders
  • Insert Hoppers
  • Dump Truck Spreaders
  • Anti-Icers Liquid Applicators

** 5 Year warranty available on Meyer Snow Equipment

New units:

  • 8.5' V-Plow Super V3 with LED lights
  • 9.5' V-Plow Super V3 with LED lights
Hiniker Snow Plow Logo

Hiniker Snow Plows & Ice Equipment

Put snow it it's place with Hiniker Snow Equipment. We offer a comprehensive line of Professional Grade snow plows from Hiniker! Give us a call for more information!

Hiniker Snow Plow Models Include: 

V-Plows – Strength, Capacity, & Versatility

  • The new Hiniker 9300 Series Torsion-Trip V-Plows offer the versatility that only a V-Plow can, along with the strength and operator convenience that you’ve come to expect from Hiniker. Deep-curl flared wings cast deep snow farther and higher, while providing more scoop capacity than ever.
  • Available in 8.5 and 9.5 ft. widths
  • Customizable with optional skid shoes, wing kits, and snow deflectors.

Straight Plows - Get Professional Performance, also available in Stainless Steel

  • The horizontal-truss moldboard design provides incredible strength, durability and resistance to bowing. The corrosion-proof HDPE poly moldboard is dent-resistant with less surface friction for easier plowing and greater efficiency. In addition, impregnated color means long-lasting, good-looking appearance. Protection is provided by Hiniker’s exclusive split trip-edge design.

Scoop Plow – The ULTIMATE Parking Lot Plow

  • Move snow more efficiently with a Hiniker trip-edge Scoop plow.  The unique concave shape captures snow, providing greater capacity, less spillage, and faster, more efficient clean-up—plus the protection of a full width, three-section, high-clearance trip-edge.

Reversible C-Plows – Move Snow Faster

  • The Hiniker C-Plow offers all of the heavy-duty performance of a conventional plow plus the added versatility of a high performance backdrag plow. Plow loading docks, residential driveways and congested parking areas faster than ever.
  • The patented Hiniker C-Plow blade actually converts from a conventional plow into a backdrag plow with the push of a button, letting you remove snow quickly and easily from garage aprons, curbs, loading docks, and tight corners. Then touch a button again to flip the blade upright and push the snow away.

10 Foot Trip-Edge Plow – The Ultimate Plow for Professional Use

  • Get professional plowing performance for your Ford F450/F550, GM 4500/5500 or Dodge 4500/5500. Extruded polyethylene snow deflectors are included as standard equipment.
    • 32″ Tall high-capacity moldboard
    • Corrosion-free, dent-resistant black HDPE polyethylene surface
    • 14 Rib welded moldboard frame
    • Two-section split trip edge with 6 trip springs for maximum protection
    • 8 inch cutting edge—1/2 inch thick

Hiniker Spreader Models Include:

Stainless Steel Tailgate Spreader - he Hiniker stainless steel tailgate spreader providesoptimum control for material spreading applications. The specially designed auger system prevents material from dribbling and leaking through the spreader when the motor is stopped. Two capacity options are available to meet specific application needs. Stainless steel construction and durable design mean reliability and performanceseason after season.

  • High-quality brushed-finish 304 stainless steel hoppers in 6 and 10 Cubic foot capacities.
  • “No-Dribble” bubble auger design means the flow stops when the auger stops.
  •  Superior design, construction, and components in a contractor-duty spreader.

Conveyor Delivery Spreader - Precision Controlled Accurate Applications

  • Spread ice control materials quickly and easily with an efficient Hiniker spreader. Snow removal contractors looking for additional profits will find them in ice control.

Dual-Motor Electric or OHV Gas Engine Conveyor

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Adjustable Stainless Steel Inverted vee
  • Optional Steel Hopper Screens
  • Available in 6.5′ & 8′ hopper lengths
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction
  • In-cab electric control of starter, throttle, and clutch functions

Dual-Motor Electric Auger Delivery Spreader - Efficient, Accurate Low-Maintenance Delivery System

  • Hiniker Dual-Motor Electric Auger Spreaders use an efficient 5.75-inch diameter auger conveyor system to provide positive delivery control with no material carry-back into the truck bed.
  • With no conveyor chain, far fewer bearings, and 12-volt electrical motor power, maintenance needs are cut to a minimum. Two electric motors provide independent variable speed control of the auger and the spinner for precise rate and pattern control.
  • Dual 12-volt motors independently power the auger and spinner
  • Standard Steel Hopper Screens
  • Standard Electric Hopper Vibrator
  • 2.0, 2.75 & 4.00 cubic yard level capacities
  • Optimally sized for use in either a 6.5 ft. or 8 ft. pickup bed

In-stock units:

  • 7.5' Stainless Steel Plow
  • 8.5' V-Plow Torsion Trip with LED lights
  • 8.5' V-Plow Torsion Trip with LED lights
  • 9.5' V-Plow Torsion Trip with LED lights
  • 9.5' V-Plow Torsion Trip with LED lights

Make sure your prepared for this winter. Stop into our store in Ames and check out our snow & ice equipment.